Our Mandate

Helping children from poorest and underserved households and out-of-school children, especially girls to access and complete quality secondary school education that can enable them further their education, create sustainable livelihood and break the cycle of generational poverty.

Our Promise

Our promise is that every child from KNOSK School will graduate with basic education, tradeable skills (tech-based, vocational and soft skills), character and problem solving skills with which to proceed to tertiary institution or start earning income to break the cycle of generational poverty.

KNOSK School Structure

We are a government approved secondary school. We started with Junior Secondary School (ISS) 1 and have been growing organically since then.
Average class size is 20 students, teacher to student ratio is 1:20 students.
We admit student only in JSS at the beginning of every school term in September in accordance with Nigeria Government Education Regulation. Admission process begins in April when we commence publicity, children pick admission forms for free, get screened and write our admission exams for free and only those who score our mandatory cut -off point of 50 marks get admission into the school. To ensure that it is the children from poorest households that gain admission into KNOSK School, we conduct mandatory house visits to all potential students before admission is issued.
Due to the fact that more girls are at risk of dropping out of school and remaining in poverty, 60% admission of admission is given to the girl child. Girls get monthly sanitary pads so they don’t miss class during their menstral cycle.
We serve children lunch daily, meals range from rice, spaghetti, yams, sweet potatoes served with beef/eggs periodically. Many families and students depend on the school lunch, and it remains a strong motivation to coming to school and ensuring learning. Teachers are also served lunch daily!!

How KNOSK is Funded

Delivering Education To Children From Poorest Households


Individuals and organizations within and outside Nigeria are partnering to support different aspects of KNOSK operations, including teachers salary, feeding program, classroom and hostel building, volunteering among others.

Child Sponsorship

Individuals and organizations are sponsoring or co-sponsoring children to stay in school with an amount convenient for them. Fees per term is N66,000 ($165), (covering books, uniforms, daily lunch and monthly sanitary pads for the girls).


Individuals or organizations can sponsor or co-sponsors a child or more with as low as N100 / 25 cents a day, which is N2,000 / $5 a month per child. You are welcome to donate more amount!

Partner With Us

"Because of partnerships, our school doors open every day, poor children are getting education and developing, meals are served at school, girls get sanitary pads and we are setting up a generation on the pathways of prosperity; become a hope partner today!"

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