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How we are innovating at the KNOSK Charity School

"He is an ASHOKA fellow, a young Global Leader (WEF), and an IVLP Alumnus of the US Embassy Abuja; and she is a big idea lady who developed 103 education innovation modules. So just imagine what it can be when they team up to start a charity school for low income families..."

Our Innovations

Identifying Poor Children Ready for Schooling

Our admission system is good at identifying and giving poor children who desire to go to school a quality education that can help them break out of poverty. Our admission process is completely free but competitive and ensures that only children from poorest households who are intelligent, talented and interested in going to school gain our admission. This ensures value for money for donors and partners.

Subsidizing Quality Education to Poorest Households

In normal reality, quality education and children from poorest households have nothing in common because of poverty. We are breaking that jinx, because we have found a way of offering a N66,000 a term education to low income parents at just N6,000. Secondly, we are offering this education to children through our unbelievable N100/25cents A-Day school fees payment model, that allows parents pay daily, weekly or monthly. Thirdly, through our crowd matching model, we raise the balance per child from compassionate members of the public and organizations who adopt and cosponsor one or more children! It is easier to start a KNOSK Secondary School than a government public school!

KNOSK Action Learning Curriculum & Workbooks

Most lowcost schools use the National curriculum as it is and practice Rote learning which emphasizes note copying thereby reducing teacher/student interaction and deep learning. We are innovating around this through our dynamic KNOSK Action Learning Curriculum and Workbooks we are delivering deep learning, resources and experiences in a way most lowcost schools cant deliver.

Skills and Problem-Solving Education

KNOSK School is offering tradeable skills (techbased, vocational and creative skills) and problem-solving capabilities to children from poorest households in a way no lowcost schools cant deliver. We achieve this through Solution Hackathons and KNOSK Koboland Entrepreneurship Program.

Ability to Easily Replicate and Scale

We can easily replicate our model in other communities/countries and can scale in terms of number of children who can begin to enjoy the KNOSK model of education.


We always welcome volunteers who have special educational skills or livelihood skills they will be willing to share with our students, physically or virtually. 

You can teach our students skills from foreign language, to coding, to carpentry, dancing, video editing, etc 


Skills section can be physical classes or virtual…..just let us know what works for you!

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