About KNOSK N100-A-Day Charity Secondary School, Kuje

KNOSK N100/25cents A-Day Charity Secondary School is designed to enable children from poorest households, underserved communities and out-of-school children, especially girls to access and complete quality secondary school education that improves prospects of furthering their education and creating sustainable livelihood that enables them break the cycle of generational poverty.

Our Vision

An Africa with highly skilled and innovative young people and workforce, developing, transforming and prospering her nations.

Our Mission

Helping children from poorest and underserved households and out-of-school children, especially girls to access and complete quality secondary school education that can enable them further their education, create sustainable livelihood and break the cycle of generational poverty.

The Big Urgent Problem

Millions of secondary school students from poor households and communities in Nigeria, especially girls do not complete secondary school, and are potentially growing to become young adults that will pose a serious security threat to society and economic activities in the future if not urgently addressed.

For instance, 55% of girls and 43% of boys from poorest families do not complete secondary school. Secondly, there is education and learning inequality, this is because data shows that poor children get about 19.7% learning compared to 69.4% learning that children from middle- and upper-income class get in Nigeria. Without access to quality education, millions of today’s teenagers with huge potentials and bright future will end up uneducated, unfulfilled, poorly skilled, unable to unlock their creative potentials, unemployable, risk child-marriage and health challenges, and uneducated mothers will be unable to read basic medical prescription or support schooling of the next generation of girls, thereby continuing another generation of poverty.

We can stop this trend and save the next generation, one child at a time and at scale!

Our Theory of Change

At KNOSK School, we believe that boys and girls from low-income families and rural communities have huge potentials that can be shaped through a transformative education that comprises: action learning, problem solving, technology, vocational skills and leadership development. Such an empowering education will transform educationally disadvantaged and poor children into highly productive, innovative and excellent youths creating exceptional solutions, and contributing to developed, just and prosperous nations.

Proving quality lowcost education to at risk children from low-income families through the KNOSK N100/25cents A-Day Charity Secondary School in Kuje Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja, Nigeria.
For N100/25cents A-Day School fees, our students get books, uniforms, sportswear, daily lunch, and sanitary pads monthly for the girls! In addition, they are enjoying Action Learning and STEM based education, all for N100/25cents A-Day.
Parents or guardians have the option to pay N100 A-Day fees or they can choose to pay weekly or monthly, and the actuall cost of the education is augmented through compassionate donations from members of the public participating in our Crowd Matching N100 A-Day partnerships
We are offering a transformational and outcomes based secondary school education that comprises the KNOSK Action Learning curriculum, technology, vocational skills, problem solving and leadership development to children from poorest households at an unbelievable N100/25cents A-Day to beneficiaries. Your future high productive staff can be at KNOSK today, support us!
To partner with philanthropists, governments, and corporate bodies to establish 7 KNOSK Schools across different localities within and outside Nigeria by 2030, serving 5,000 children from poor households

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"Because of partnerships, our school doors open every day, poor children are getting education and developing, meals are served at school, girls get sanitary pads and we are setting up a generation on the pathways of prosperity; become a hope partner today!"

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