Yes! For Children from poorest household are in school, and getting books, uniform, lunch, sanitary pad and computer based education! Can you guess how much more we can do with your Partnership?

Out-of-School Children are not out-of-capacity to learn and be productive

Millions of intelligent and smart boys and girls are out of school today, majorly due to poverty. Many of them have great ideas that can contribute to building better societies in future.
Giving children from poorest households, especially girls a secondary school education; unlocks their potentials and sets them on the pathways of a future of purpose, productivity and prosperity.
For a moment, imagine that you didn’t go to school as a child……?
Become a Partner today, become an Education Angel giving children a future of hope!

Our Stories

Impact Stories of Our Students

Linus Favour

Mrs Linus lived in an uncompleted building in Kuje, she is a widow with no regular source of income and her 12 year old daughter had been out of school for 2 years. Her late husband's relatives had planned to marry off her 12 year daughter in 2020 when she will be 14! But in 2019, Favour got admitted into KNOSK N100 A-Day Charity School which saved her from being married off as a child bride in 2020. Favour loves mathematics, was awarded Best JSS 2 Student in 2021 and aspires to become an Airforce Pilot!

Farida Waziri

Farida lives with her widowed mother and 6 siblings. Her mother grinds pepper and feeding remains a constant challenge. Going to secondary school was her dream but it was out of the question without a miracle. In 2020 she got admitted into KNOSK School. Farida is outspoken, a natural leader and currently leads our team of student teachers who teach their peers in the community STEM lessons!

Daniel Ikueze

Daniel Ikueze Both his father and mother are deaf. His father teaches at School of the Deaf and his mother is a peasant farmer. At age 12, Daniel Ikueze is already serving both parents as their language interpreter. Due to the poor finances of his parent, his education had been regularly interrupted until KNOSK N100 A-Day School. Today Daniel is consistently in school, learning and developing his potentials. He wants to be a doctor that provides medical solutions in the future! This is KNOSK School in action. The power of N100 a-day!

Our Uniqueness

For N100/25cents A-Day School fees, our students get books, uniforms, sportswear, daily lunch, and sanitary pads monthly for the girls! In addition, they are enjoying Action Learning and STEM-based education, all for N100/25cents A-Day.


Actual School fees are N66,000 ($165 ) per term or N198 $(495) per year, parents pay only N6,000 per term or N18,000 a year (10%). Through crowd matching donations from individuals and organizations, we raise the actual cost of keeping the children in school. Donate N100/25cents A-Day or N500/$1.25 A-Week or N2,000/$% A-Month.

Partnership Areas – The N2,000 A – Month Campaign

Contribute or Sponsor the termly school fees of a child
Support teachers salary
Support meals for the students
Donate towards building a classroom or hostel room
Volunteer your time and skills.

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84% of our total operating expenses fund programs for children in the countries we serve. So when you make a monthly gift or donation to our organization, the majority of your dollars go toward exactly what you intended - supporting children in poverty.

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