Meet The Winning Team

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Blessing John (Mrs.)

Vice Principal Administration

Blessing John is the Vice Principal Administration at KNOSK N100 A-Day Charity Secondary School. She is responsible for the daily operations of the school and provides oversight across operational activities. From ensuring general safety to child protection, to managing teacher conduct, general school welfare, and interfacing with regulatory authorities, she serves with heart, body, and vigor

Apotieri Babatunde Ayansola

Vice Principal Academics

Apotieri Babatunde Ayansola is a consummate teacher who prides himself on being able to teach in a way that makes learning fun and comprehensible even for children struggling academically. He is a learner-centered teacher. Aside from teaching periodically, he is responsible for overseeing teachers’ performance, pedagogy, and students’ performance.

Isaac Iyogun

Head of Communications and Media

Isaac Iyogun is a highly motivated Communications and Media Manager with expertise in virtual/remote assistance. His role is at the intersection of curating how KNOSK tells its story through different media channels to showcase our work and attract partnerships. This includes leveraging key social media channels and different mediums of storytelling.

Ben Godson


Ben Godson Idoko serves as KNOSK's Accountant, managing all financial dealings and record-keeping for the organization. Considering that goodwill donations from partners to support our work rely on trust, his role ensures accountability and the best financial practices to sustain that trust.


Learners Assessment Assistant

Grace Emmanuel is a self-motivated team member whose role includes providing learning assessment assistance and also teaching Civic Education. In her role in learning assessment, she supports the VP Academics in ensuring newly onboarded teachers understand our learners' assessment model and provides oversight to ensure its implementation.


Extra Curricular Lead

Emmanuel Anthony serves as the Extra Curricular Lead and also teaches Business and Entrepreneurial Studies at KNOSK N100 A-Day Charity School. In his role as a teacher, he integrates life experiences and hacks to bring learning to life.

Odeyemi Adedamola

Design Technology/STEM Lead

A passionate advocate for the limitless possibilities of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), Adedamola introduces our ever-curious and eager students to the world of design technology, STEM, and 3D printing, among other areas. Under his guidance, our students are cultivating a culture of building, creating prototypes, and developing solar-powered devices