KNOSK School Clinic Facility

“ ….we are building our first KNOSK School facility in Kuje, Abuja Nigeria to cater for 600 children from poorest households and out-of-school kids. It will be a life-changing and transformational space for these children! Build with us and get an unquantifiable feeling of fulfillment for building a

 school for poor children!!

Dr. Amevoh

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KNOSK School Clinic Goals

---   Our goal is to build standard School Clinic with 15 beds by 2024.

---   School will cost N30m

---   Individuals and organizations are free to donate any amount toward the building of 1 or more clinic

---   All donors will get credit and brand recognition on the walls of the clinic they support or build.

Donations can be spread over a 12/18months duration

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